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Puritanlabs specialises in custom chemical synthesis to overcome even your toughest chemistry, purification, and synthesis strategy challenges. We offer mg to kg chemistry synthesis services for new compounds, APIs, intermediates, reference compounds, focused libraries, stable labelled compounds, discovery leads, competitor compounds, scaffolds, building blocks, analogues, drug metabolites, impurities and many more.

Our expert team has collectively completed thousands of chemical synthesis projects. Our chemists have staked claim to a reputation for successfully tackling some of the most complex of chemical synthesis projects, such as steroids, carbohydrate, heterocyclic compounds  to name a few.  And, a team of superior analysts support our chemists using the UPLC,HPLC equipment, and employ the requisite analytical techniques to deliver unambiguous structural elucidation.

Puritanlabs’ facilities in India are state-of-the-art, housing a diverse range of equipment, including autoclave reactors. Our lab space and supporting infrastructure were designed specifically to support chemistry synthesis.

All of our chemistry synthesis services are backed by our talented and dedicated project delivery colleagues who emphasize consistent, timely and transparent status updates throughout the project process.  Moreover, confidentiality is a cornerstone to our operation practices.  And, your project delivery package will include all the information you need to readily repeat the chemistry in house if needed.

Why choose Puritanlabs?

  • Expert driven, high quality chemistry delivered every time
  • IP & Confidentiality
  • Custom pack sizes to cater any quantity requirements
  • Seamless supply chain to ensure on time delivery
  • Dedicated R&D and analytical infrastructure to take up diverse products




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